The Art of the Strongly-Worded Letter, preamble

Here we are again with little content and many beautiful excuses as to why.  I’d like to blame my recent move but it’s been months at this point.  I will say that I have several potential articles of organizational advice that move beyond the usual well-meaning but frankly irritating suggestions to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in six months, etc. But I’ve bored myself just typing the summary, let alone an entire post.


Plus, I’ve pretty much mastered procrastination in unpacking by way of perfectionism.  This goes a something like: if I don’t have the exact most efficient layout for my drawers then I can’t possibly put anything in them, so why don’t I wait a week to see which one feels the most intuitive when reaching for that fork? And then I just so happen to have all manner of disposable forks at the ready, easily avoiding commitment to any specific drawer.  Then I scour minimalist blogs for clever, practical tips, followed by design blogs for artistic inspiration and then it’s on to online shopping for the right tools. Eventually my eyesight blurs and I abandon whichever vintage Ebay listing I was watching, too tired to unwrap silverware.  And now reaching into the box that holds all the forks has become sadly intuitive, so there’s that.

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Isabel Allende is forcing my hand…

YES, I realize this blog endeavor has been little more than a virtual placeholder for well over a year, and that all my updates consist of (probably imperceptibly) altering the mid-century color scheme. But fear not, loyal readers (…Bueller?): 2013 has been so packed with experiences too-unbelievable-to-be-fiction that I couldn’t help but be inspired. And I’ve been recording stories to post here, along with the ridiculously detailed reviews you’ve been requesting. And by “requesting,” I mean friends asking which Etsy toiletry bag I’m considering for Berlin and the recipe for my latest DIY Vitamin C serum. I took the liberty of stretching those casual questions into demands for content.

Plus, in the latest round of compulsively adding books to my goodreads list, I stumbled upon this gem of a quote from author Isabel Allende:

Write what should not be forgotten.

I’m sure there is a more pretentious bent one could take here, and in truth, she’s probably referring to serious essays on social justice or brilliant novels featuring magical realism. But I’ve decided to co-opt the concept for my own misadventures.  And so, I’m offering this simple phrase: December is officially dedicated to writing. Well, and travel. And holiday shopping attempts to create meaningful gifts without depleting the dwindling balance Wells Fargo so indelicately insists on pointing out to me. And there will probably be more sake involved than usual. But get ready, 2014 (cue Survivor) - it’s on.

I’m pretty sure you can’t post it on the Internet if it’s not true.

Stay tuned.


Made in L.A, 2012

The talented Julia Luke should be on your radar.


Made in L.A, 2012

The talented Julia Luke should be on your radar.

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I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Thomas Edison